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When in Busan


Busan is South Korea’s biggest port city and there is a lot of unique local food to try. It goes without saying Busan is a seafood capital of Korea. We would like you to experience a real local taste by joining Busan Cooking Class.


At Busan Cooking Class, you will learn about Busan's food culture and make a full Korean meal under the guidance of an experienced local chef. Then you will enjoy your creation accompanied by local rice wine, and finish the course with local tea ceremony. After the meal, we provide Busan food travel consulting service tailored to your individual taste. We will recommend you the restaurants and food alleys that have been loved for generations by locals based on your locations and preference. Finally, you’ll receive the recipes you learned so you can impress family and friends back at home with your Korean dishes!


If you want to fully enjoy authentic local food, please come and join Busan Cooking Class!







 Busan Cooking Class is designated as Prospective Tourism Business Venture by Korean Tourism Organization


Founder / Chef






I was born and raised in Busan. I have moved around the home land and traveled all around the world to learn, work and cook.

The more I explore the world, the more I feel such a deep attachment to my root and feel proud about what we have cultivated in local community, especially food-wise. I would like you to experience a unique and authentic food scene of Busan through cooking, dining, and consulting with us. Bring your appetite. I’ll take care of the rest!


- Creative Culinary Institute of Korea, majored in Korean traditional     cuisine

- World Institute of Kimchi, Chef

- Korean food events with Korean Food Foundation, Seoul City,        Blue House, Consulate General of South Korea in Hong Kong etc.


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